Sunday, September 10, 2006


                                         WAUNA PAUL,Bar owner,actress and producer.


                    Waunas bar from Actress, producer/manager Wauna Paul was one of the most famous Ibiza bars in the old days. (Everything leads back to this place one way or another) The calle Mayor was the place to be. The place to meet new people who just landed on the island and the place to see living legends interacting with eachother. The bar where you could see Wauna Paul and Indy doing their regular show with clients. The bar where you saw very special visitors come by such as King Juan Carlos, the young Lord Sydney with Tristan Jones and Paul George, Terry-Thomas, Peter Kinsley and the old international inner circle of Ibiza town. Sometimes full of people, sometimes just a lost soul all by himself sitting in a corner, like old scandinavian Gustave. The calle Mayor was the nerve center and hang out for most foreigners and Ibiza insiders. Before Wauna took the place, it was called Bud's Bar owned by Bud. Wauna's was the place where it happened and the place to get information about all the gossip, specially during the 1960's and 1970's.

Photo's above - Wauna. Jimmy Bordoy, Sydney and Lady Adriana in front of Wauna's bar during the siesta in the late sixties. A bottle of Terry, a bottle which you saw everywhere but, specially at Wauna's. Ibiza celebrity streetdog Tikky looking upwards at the balcony of south african batik artist Pat Crazy. Drawing of the Wauna's bar scene during the 60s and 70s with some of the famous characters and dog Fatty. Photo down, taken from inside Waunas bar towards the calle mayor during the siesta hours.

                       Wauna' s bar Ibiza town Lady Adriana,the young Sydney,Sophia and Thomas