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Magic island Eivissa and, Formentera the last paradise of

europe. The 1950's, 1960's and 1970's were the golden years of joy and was the best time to be there. The opoque of the old artists and bohemians and the years of freedom. The years of joy and the luxury to be without cellphones!!!Photos from top downwards -

Bob Dylan
A young Sydney playing flamenco on Formentera
the old Montesol Hotel in Ibiza town.

Truus, Lady Adriana.

Old bullfight poster from the Plaza de toros de Ibiza.

Truus at the Club San Rafael.

Beppie and Pedro of the old Jordi's bar in Figueretas.

Drawing of Steve Seley and the young Lord Sydney at the Estrella bar with next to them Erik De Vries and Hans Snoek.

Old poster of compania Trasmediterranea.

The old bohemian airport of Ibiza with waiter dressed in white bringing cafe con leche.

TV pioneer Erik K.De Vries with pioneer consultant and artist Lord Sydney on Formentera years and years before Sydney played the guitar with Bob Dylan and others around the Pirata on Formentera beach.

Dutch dance pioneer and founder of Scapino ballet Mrs.Hans Snoek with Lord Sydney  at 'Can Erik' the house on Formentera.

Two pictures of Restaurante Los Pasajeros in Ibiza town (aka Tony's place) one of the bohemian hang-outs of the Ibiza elite.
(Left during the old days and right photo of 1998).

Painting of Ibiza 1965.

Ibiza port during the old days. John Anthony West with Dalt vila on the background.

Ibiza Truus (Lady Adriana) passing pension Los Caracoles at la marina.

John Anthony's oldtimer, a 1926 Morris Cowley hits the Ibicenco ground. John Anthony West and one of his podenco dogs and oldtimer. John Anthony with podencos.

The communion of the children from Juanito Bahia with i.e. John Anthony West, Steve Erickson, Steve Seley, Jan-Gerhard Toonder and Gerry Margeson and, the same old clan during a Ibizan lunch.

Photo under; On the terrace with Bernie Bishop, Catherine Dolan and John Anthony West.

The young Sydney preparing the shooting for one of his artisanal Ibiza documentaries (Ibiza streetdogs)

The statue of Tanit.

Ibicenco man having a drink in the local bar.

Country made hierbas ibicencas.

The Es Vedra at cala d'hort.

The old and famous Aviaco plane (Who didnt take it at times).

Dutch TV writer Leen Valkenier (Writer of the famous Fabeltjeskrant tv series and Paulus de boskabouter tv series) composing with the young Lord Sydney at the Cala D'Hort fish kiosk restaurant (Great fresh fish straight from the sea, catched 30 minutes before lunchtime).

The old 'Juan March' boat from compania Transmed (Is still the best way to first visit Ibiza) One must take a boat trip to the white island.

A few works of art by several international artists who lived on Ibiza and Formentera. Truus (Lady Adriana) at Can Erik on Formentera.


Photos above Dutch writer Bert Schierbeek at Fonda Pepe on Formentera during the old days. Lord Sydney with Mrs.Hans Snoek in a later epoque at a known Formentera beach restaurant. Lady Adriana (Truus) in her PR epoque with friends at Rocky's bar. Actor Denholm Elliott who also lived on Ibiza.

Photo 1 under, Vara de Rey square with Dutch dance pioneer Mrs.Hans Snoek (sitting) looking at the camera, next to her in white shirt, we recognize Jan-Gerhard Toonder.
Photo 2. Communication expert, private adviser and artist Lord Sydney with friends, clients and Lady Adriana (Ibiza Truus) during the old days at Restaurante Es Caliu, one of the old typical hide away finca-restaurants. Photo 3. Terry-Thomas with Lord Sydney at the house.
Photo 4. an Old Ibicenco lady crossing the Vara towards Montesol, photo taken by Lord Sydney.
Photo 5. Ibicencos at their finca during the very old days. Photo 6.
Fotopage with i.e.Paul Grant, J.G.Toonder, Steve Seley and the young Sydney with doggy Tayk. Photo 7 . The ferry Ciudad de Compostella from compania transmed. Photo 8. Steve Seley at Bar Estrella taken by Lord Sydney. Photo 9. Steve Seley at the finca photo by Thomas Branham' Black Tom'.




Lord Sydney,The young Ibiza promotor of the old days.

Britt Ekland with Lord Sydney.

Lord Sydney was one of the early Ibiza promotors in the mid sixties by bringing friends,colleagues,celebrities and artists to the island and promoting the island to the media of the old days.

             The young PR and communication wizard Lord Sydney at the Bar Manana (Ibiza town).

Marques Thomas and Sydney filming
at the old finca.

Terence Hill with Lord Sydney...Enrico Macias and
Lord Sydney.

Endorsed by Lord Sydney.

Lord Sydney also has his  private and selected DJ show "The Retro of Two Ages"
playing memory themes of the past combined with his own sound for exclusive events. 
He is hard to book for this but, exceptions still exist they say.

His first Ibiza show was at the age of eight years young, way before Ibiza became the disco
island of the world.

Lord Sydney and other his ventures in the older Ibiza days.

Sydney saving the Ibiza streetdogs from th edog catchers.

Photos. Top going downwards.

The young Sydney shooting one of his early artisanal Ibiza documentaries.

A young Lord Sydney on one of his film ventures.

Lord Sydney leaving
Ibiza again.

A few of many articles in the Diario de Ibiza and La Prensa over the years on Lord Sydney and his Ibiza

adventures, events and promotions for the island. 

After more than 10 years Lord Sydney returned to the island to visit and meet his old friends and the press who all wanted to know about his latest promotions and pr activities. but, also about his alternative promos for projects for i.e. Michael Jackson, Alexander Salkind and others.

This pr and communication boy started with his pr and communication skills at the age of eight years old on magic Ibiza of the 1960's. Friends on Ibiza and worldwide to many, from Bob Marley to french star Patrick Dewaere (Sydney is an old friend of the whole family including his mother Mado Maurin and her son actor Jean-Pierre Maurin) to David Carradine or to the family of rock pioneers to De Rothschild or Klaus Kinski and from Freddie Mercury to
Sergio Leone to the local priests of the island or from Serge Gainsbourg and Orson Welles to Andre Pousse or Fernando Rey to Jacques Villeret or Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu and from Manitas de Plata back to Lee van Cleef and Alexander Salkind. Sorry for not mentioning all the other people.

Other pictures;
Restaurante Los Pasajeros with i.e. Hans Snoek, Gerhard-Jan Toonder, etc.

Ibiza dogs playing at the pier.

A very young Sydney in the calle Mayor with doggy Tayk.

Sidestreet of C/Hannibal with the San Telmo church on the background during the good old days.
The young and amazing Sydney with his mother Lady Adriana in the Calle Mayor during the early golden Ibiza days. Brigitte Bardot in Ibiza's old town Dalt vila, Lord Sydney and Brigitte shared many friends in the french film industry as well as in the world including her manager/agent Olga Horstig - Primuz. Freddie Mercury and Co. Gina Lollobrigida with friend Renaud Verley. Lord Sydney's first star and consultancy base was founded on Ibiza at the family finca in San Rafael, it was named Home of the Stars because one could see all the stars in the sky at night as well as around Sydney's round table by candlelight where many stars and the elite came to see the very young fixer and star promoter Sydney.

Postcard of Compania Trasmediterranea. The ferry Ciudad de Barcelona. The amazing Sydney steering the ferry and Sydney working on one of his first Ibiza film documentaries.

Photos further down.
JOHN ANTHONY WEST during his old Ibiza days with his Podenco dogs on the beach.


and  photos of La Marina with the old Citroen's and Fiat cars.
Ibiza's old town - DALT VILA.Comic strip image of the young Sydney in the Mehari with his mother and friend.

Sir Elton John with Lord Sydney.
Leonardo Di Carprio and Lord Sydney in the older days.

The old Ibiza days adventures of the young Sydney

Sir Elton John with Lord Sydney
                                                 Leonardo Di Caprio and Lord Sydney


                          There is no future without a past!