Sunday, September 10, 2006


The nicest part of Ibiza town, is the most famous part of the capital, D'ALT VILA, better known as the old town. Many writers and painters lived there during the 1960s and 1970s and there you will find some of the best galleries of the island. During the old days there were many parties and music-juergas between the artistic incrowd of Ibiza and, many famous hitsongs and TV series were written from here. D'alt vila has undergone a few changes but, it is still the same old romantic old town as ever.

Thank god for protecting this old town and thanks as well to UNESCO for listing it, today it is also the home of the Round Table of Ibiza R.T.I. a private gathering of old knowledgeable Ibiza people.Members are never mentioned but,
each member must have lived on the island for a minimum of thirty years.
Photos - above; Statue right side exit D'alt vila, The young Lord Sydney in 1973 at D'alt vila exit and Lord Sydney in the year 2000 same place, same spot. D'alt vila seen from the port (La marina) Placa de la vila and Old Ibicencos at the entrance of D'alt vila. A young Lord Sydney on the left with his film cast Breton Morse, Terrie                                     Green, Alice Morse and Laurie Green in 1973 near the entrance of Dalt vila.

                                                      ROUND WOODEN TABLE.