Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Comedy star Terry-Thomas and communication wizard Lord Sydney at Terry's home on Ibiza. The very last days of bohemian Ibiza.
It was during the mid sixties when Terry Thomas and the young Lord Sydney were spending time in Ibiza's calle Mayor at Waunas Bar with quite a few other names, colleagues and Ibiza friends. The calle Mayor street was still rough and dusty in those days and Ibiza's daily life was still quite bohemian. Waunas Bar was owned by actress, producer, manager Wauna Paul, who was also an old friend of Terry and Sydney, she organized some of the first Ibiza in crowd parties at her home near San Jose with her friend Princess Indie of Kapurthala , The young Sydney organized his first private monthly gatherings between artists and other members of society on Ibiza when he was nine years old at the finca in San Rafael and in D'alt vila, he was the youngest private consultant, artist and communication expert at the time.

Photo above shows the last picture taken of the late Terry-Thomas with Lord Sydney during Sydney's last visit to Terry on Ibiza in 1981. With thanks to photographer Jorge Drew for the PHOTOGRAPH,
You may also read the Terry-Thomas bio BOUNDER on Google books on Terry on Ibiza.