Wednesday, September 20, 2006


 Photos above top;
 Lord Sydney and Jurgen Alers on mainland Spain in 2012 talking and discussing about the old and golden    Ibiza days and about all the people they knew.
 Ex-actress, producer and manager Wauna Paul in the old days who runned Wauna's bar for many years,  the place to be. The young Sydney working on one of his first 
Ibiza films.
The famous streetdogs of Ibiza  Tikky, under left' Fatty and Linda the stars of the old calle Mayor.

Ossie, Lord Sydney and Snowy in a later epoque.

Lady Adriana (Truus) walking in the Calle Mayor with Carol on the left side and Paco behind.
The two old Ibiza friends and legends. The American writer, bohemian Steve Seley and the young artist and communication wizard Lord Sydney during the last of the golden Ibiza days.

Photo under a shot from the young Sydney and friend Tiernan, Sydney's first Ibiza film documentary, which he made at the age of eight years old.


The famous street Calle Mayor now back to its old name Carrer D'Enmig again.

Phots above and down; Lord Sydney,s first Ibiza documentary "The white island in the shade". Tits Renee "MAMA LOVE" also known as the goddess of Love from Ibiza, (Some say that there are only three of them in the world) TANIT (The legend) MAMA LOVE ( living Ibiza legend) and Lady Carole (The real phoenician Lady who could well be the reincarnation and looks very much like Tanit) also known for her amazing wet en dripping hands and body.

Photo above; black and white photo of Wauna's bar in the famous calle Mayor (d'Enmig) with f.l.t.r. Lady Adriana (Ibiza Truus) Jacqueline, De Rothschild, Wauna Paul and Rusty Wilson sitting. The old days of joy, the days of freedom, the days of artistic expressions and the Ibiza bar scene. Jurgen Alers thinking back of the golden Ibiza days. The first artisanal Ibiza films from the young Sydney, another photo down on the left Sydney wit Bolex camera and Tiernan Leavy during the filming of a documentary on the Barracuda boat in down town Ibiza.  


       An old Ibiza face                                   
Old Ibiza goer since the beguining of the
seventies and frequent visitor of all the
old Ibiza hang outs such as Estrella bar on the
marina, The Tavern, Montesol and Sandy,s in Sant
Eularia and Anita,s in Sant carlos and old friend of
many Ibiza insiders during the old days.