Thursday, September 14, 2006



La marina is one of the most popular areas of old Ibiza. The people, the bars, the restaurants and the Ibiza streetdogs. The best yoghurt is made there the legendary "Lecheria la bomba" on the port , natural and real yoghurt made everyday again! You had Can Garoves and Bar Casino and the bar Estrella of course for your morning cafe con leche with ensaimada, for those who skipped the Montesol. You had the famous chicken place from Juanito "Bar Bahia" where all the bohemian Ibiza artists had lunch during the old days. There was "The delfin verde" from Isa Schillinger and Emilio, one of the better restaurants of the island during the sixties and seventies. Totos bar owned by Luis, Savoy Bar from Cirillo, The anfora de oro, Clive's Bar, Domino's , Merlins and later the Mono desnudo and others but, Ibiza in the 1950s was a bit different. La Marina was even more authentic and pure..It was still very much a fishermen area with its 'very' local fishermen's bars. This unique ambience stayed untill c.a. 1975 and very slowly became what it became.

Photos above - artistic impression of statue of Child prodigy Sydney of Ibiza with dog overlooking the marina. Sydney and the Ibiza girls, Sydney with part of the Lecheria La Bomba family, Juanito "Tito" Joaquin and Carlos. Three pictures of the famous 'Juan March' boat. Scene from one  Sydney's early Ibiza productions with i.e. Angel Sorribas, Breton Morse and Lord Sydney. - The famous bar Estrella at la marina in a later epoque in 1992. - Ibiza during the early seventies with in front sitting at Restaurante Juanito Bahia, David Green and wife, Laurie and Terrie Green and Eileen of Bar La Tierra with kid. - View over the most popular street with bars and restaurants as mentioned above.

A bottle of Frigola, the famous Ibicenco licor. Ensaimadas, Empanadas and cafe con leche and a big ensaimada.
Last Photo down (Above) View over la marina during the old days.