Friday, September 08, 2006


                                                                       LORD SYDNEY

                                                                        LORD SYDNEY

                                                                    LORD SYDNEY


Photos ; Work by Salvador Dali which he did in the huge masterpiece book with Ariane Lancel. Drawing by Lord Sydney and Waiting for the rain original work by Miquel Rivera Bagur.Several works by the amazing Alain Teister/Jack Boersma .

(Alain Teister (1932-1979) Pseudoniem van Jacques Boersma. Dichter, schrijver, schilder en graficus, criticus en columnist. Lid van de befaamde Utrechtse kunstenaarsgroep De Luis, waartoe ook Kuik (nr. 8), Emmens (nr. 29), Sontrop (nr. 22) en tekenaar Peter Vos behoorden, en toch een typische eenling. Schepper van een merkwaardig,onvergelijkbaar)


Downwards we see the young Sydney enjoying the Ibiza sunshine during the old days as well as a few of his Ibiza paintings and drawings which he either signs as Lord or Count Sydney or as El Conde. (motivated by Dali and Teister) bullfight drawings and his pen drawings and beach photgraph of Formentera. Photo of one of Antonio Torres's nicest drawings on Ibiza from the Lord Sydney collection. Photo collage downwards we recognize i.e. Ernst Vrijbrief, Jan-Gerhard Toonder, Lord Sydney (Close looking at the camera) and on the right we see Antonio Torres, Bernie Bishop and Juanito Bahia (Restaurant). Under. Having a meal, Curro de Utrilla (Owner of the Ibiza bullring) with Sydney in a later opoque at Juanito Bahia's restaurant. Right under, The young Sydney with Ibiza in the background. Ibizan artist painter Antonio Torres and art dealer Ernesto Ehrenfeld

Old memory days downtown Ibiza La Marina district

A work by (Antonio)Tony Torres
                                                             ANTONIO TORRES
Artist Alain Teister and the young communicator and artist Sydney who all stayed and lived on Ibiza during the golden days use to meet-up frequently for artistic discussions in Ibiza town. Alain Teister/Jacques Boersma was the motivator behind the young Sydney to get him started with painting just as Salvador Dali. Their meeting places included Juanito Bahia's chicken restaurant, Los Pasajeros, the Delfin verde, Bar Estrella and La Noguera. It was at La Noguera where the young Sydney was asked during a few tapas by the art elite to become their representative and start selling their work to his contacts. Dali, Teister and Torres would than take the young communicator and artist to Casa Verdera and bought him all the paint he needed to do his own first paintings guided by his artist friends. The young Sydney was a great pr boy and managed to sell quite a few paintings and other works for his artist friends and apart from creating his own art he saved quite a few artists from falling apart, hunger for food or money or by telling a few to stop the Absinth. Tony, Ernesto, Alain, Sydney and the rest also frequently stayed on Formentera with its paradise beaches and they use to hang out in San Fernando and San Fransisco, places where they created new energy and new ideas but, also at Sydney's old friend Erik K De Vries's house Can Erik in Es Pujols, of course Fonda Pepe was their regular bar hang-out who didnt go there? The best of the sixties and seventies.

More recently (as of year 2000) our reporter Lenny Berman visited Formentera and saw (by pure chance) artist painter Yehuda Neiman with Lord Sydney who were spending some time in the campo and between Estrella and Fonda Pepe. They also visited their old places of the past once more.

                                                                      Ernesto Ehrenfeld.

                                                Original drawings on spanish serviets by Lord Sydney